The Power of Habits

Habit Formation:

Habits are essential for any long term wellness success. We weren’t born with habits and we have the ability to override negative habits with more positive behaviors.  

Habits are created by:

1) Acknowledging and focusing on the CUE or trigger event that initiates the habit you would like to change.

2) Then focusing on a new and realistic ROUTINE, meaning a set of actions or behaviors you can do to replace the original habit.

3) You will see a new REWARD with repetition of these new behaviors. 

An example is trying to avoid mindless snacking while watching your favorite late night show.  To tackle this challenge you would want to formulate an alternative plan, instead of just trying to avoid the original habit.  

The CUE doesn’t change, in this case it’s still watching your show.  

The new ROUTINE takes practice and repetition.

Routine options: 

      • portioning a lower calorie snack like popcorn
      • having a different kind of special treat like a special calming tea
      • keeping your hands occupied by doing something like knitting

The REWARD depends on the routine but the goal is for you to feel better and healthier! 

Habit formation takes work and we’re here to help you achieve your long term success at No Risk Crossfit!  Please stop by to see us for your free nutrition assessment, and we can discuss how we can work together to create long lasting positive habits. 

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