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Twisted Triangle Yoga Studio is part of the Northern RI Strength and Conditioning Family.  It is a independent business located in our complex, and CrossFit members have the benefit of participating in Sunday morning Yoga as part of their membership and all other classes for a discounted rate.

If you are losing your balance in yoga pose, reach higher. It will steady you. This is true just not in your practice but everywhere in your life!

Since we opened our doors in March of 2014, our mission has been to provide an affordable but quality yoga experience for people of all ability levels.

We are committed to provide a place of refuge, an oasis of calm, to help you balance out the chaos of life with the quest for inner peace.

If you are Interested in taking your fitness to the next level and getting 1 on 1 attention from experienced coaches and trainers than you need to look no further!

During a personal training session you will have 1 on 1 attention from a coach, thus allowing them to understand exactly what you want to get out of your training.

No matter the goal, we will help you get there, and get there FAST.

Our rates are very reasonable and we take pride in our knowledge and understanding of fitness.

This class combines yoga postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation. We move at a comfortable pace to enhance proper alignment, linking breath to movement, stretching all areas of the body while releasing tension and stress. Come flow gently and mindfully leave feeling inspired, soothed and energized.