CrossFit Foundations

All about the idea of doing strength training, but CrossFit is not for you?

Enter our functional strength class!

Here are just some of the benefits of our functional strength class will provide you!

Each class will be a full body strength workout!  You will Squat, Hinge, Pull, Push and work your Core, building a stronger and more effective you!

You will start the class with a warm up, go through the progressive strength movements, and finish with a touch of conditioning, like some basic interval training.  All classes finish with a cool down which includes some mobility. 

Come try out No Risk’s best of all worlds plan, which includes our functional strength class, a kickboxing class, and a yoga class, giving you strength, cardio, flexibility, and mobility!  

12 classes a month for only $80

Check the schedule for our most up-to-date class times.