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Our CrossFit class is the core of what we do here at NoRiskCrossFit, and is the “bread and butter” of our available services.
Our CrossFit group classes typically take 45-60 minutes, have all necessary precautions for dealing with COVID, and are run by one coach. CrossFit group classes are run 8 times a day, and on weekends.
Benefits include

It’s Convenient And Saves You Time
You’ll Burn Fat
You’ll Get Strong
You’ll Get Fit
You’ll Get Flexible
You’ll Have Fun
You’ll Improve Joint Health
It Will Increase Your Confidence
You’ll Love Our Community
It’s Never The Same So It’s Ideal for People Who Don’t Like The Gym!

  • Excellent coaching and leadership!

    From the ownership, to the coaches, to the members, its a friendly and positive group of good people who are fun to work out with and be part of some kind

    kevin mullins
  • NRCF is an awesome workout environment with excellent coaches and community.

    Going to No Risk is not just about the workout, it’s about the community. It’s a wonderful group of people who support you and cheer you on to keep goi

    jessica mencunas
  • Warm and inviting experience, great coaches that understand all athletes young and old.

    I have been a member since No Risk first opened.  It is a warm and inviting experience, with great coaches who are personable and knowledgeable, that unde

    john fontaine
  • Just do what you can do. One day at a time. Find people you enjoy working out with, and it won’t even feel like work.

    I thought the population would be more cookie cutter—just super fit people who mostly drink protein shakes. But there’s a huge variety of people, all f

    laura degrange sommers
  • Here I am today… Healthy, Lean, Strong, Active, Balanced and Happy… THIS is what No Risk CrossFit has given me… and THIS is WORTH IT!

    My name is Tammy Lynn Sivo and I am 46 years old. My husband and I have always enjoyed working out together but felt we needed something more than just a g

    tammy sivo
  • Intensive Coaching

    Because everyone is great. Coaches, members, etc. I am a changed man because of No Risk

    darran hazebrouck
  • A Fun & Supportive Environment

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit. Great coaches, fantastic members. Motivating atmosphere that pushes me and makes me feel strong. Such a great workout!

    jessica provencher


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