Our CrossFit Program

No Risk CrossFit is Northern RI Strength and Conditioning’s trademark strength and conditioning program.

Our CrossFit class is the core of what we do here at NoRiskCrossFit, and is the “bread and butter” of our available services. Our CrossFit group classes typically take one hour, are run by one coach, and have anywhere on average from 10-15 attendees. CrossFit group classes are run throughout the day and week – check our schedule for a full listing of our classes.

Here are just some of the benefits of our CrossFit program, and some of the things that you can expect to experience in these classes:

A Fun & Supportive Environment

Ultimately, this is the one key ingredient to the CrossFit recipe! Many are hesitant and/or intimidated to try CrossFit, but there truly is no risk about giving No Risk CrossFit a shot. The encouraging atmosphere here keeps everyone  coming back, which helps you to make consistent progress toward any fitness goals you may have.  This helps keep you coming back!

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit. Great coaches, fantastic members. Motivating atmosphere that pushes me and makes me feel strong. Such a great workout!”

-Jessica Provencher

Intensive Coaching

In every class, there will be a coach running the class and guiding the group through the daily program, step by step. We do our best to ensure that our message and instructions are catered to the individuals in that particular class, and you should always feel comfortable in asking a question when things are not clear. Everybody at one point was new to CrossFit and our coaches are no exceptions. They also understand that each class has athletes of all abilities in them and can effectively manage a class making it fun and progressive for all! Our coaches all have a minimum of a CrossFit Level 1 instructor certification, a First Aid/CPR/AED certification, and have worked through our internal mentorship program

“Because everyone is great. Coaches, members, etc. I am a changed man because of No Risk”

-Darran Hazebrouck

Balanced & Progressive Programming

There are many unique aspects to the program we run here at No Risk CrossFit. The best thing is that you never have to worry about coming to the gym and wondering what you need to do.  Sometimes, it may seem “random”, but it certainly is not. The framework of our program is built around cycles, which fits into a set structure designed around an entire year at a time.  Every piece works together to ensure consistent progression, and to support all the elements required to build a strong and athletic body and mind!

“A very welcoming environment with enthusiastic coaches who want to see people succeed and discover just how far they can push themselves. I was away from the gym for almost a year due to personal issues and I couldn’t wait to get back!”

-Robert Melton

Focus on Functional Strength & Movement Quality

At No Risk CrossFit, we put an emphasis on functional strength and quality of  movement. This ensures that an individual is prepared for a long and healthy training career, which in turn ensures preparation for performance in sport or life. There are many other elements of our program and of what we do, but the focus on strength and movement quality is the foundation of what we do.