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Try one of our Boot Camp challenges!

This boot camp style program is designed for beginners, however, in order for you to get the results you want….You Must Be Willing To Work Hard

Our Next Boot Camp session will run April 1 through May 9!

  • Darran Hazebroucks success story

    Intensive Coaching

    Because everyone is great. Coaches, members, etc. I am a changed man because of No Risk...

    Darran Hazebrouck

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  • Jessica Mencunass success story

    NRCF is an awesome workout environment with excellent coaches and community.

    Going to No Risk is not just about the workout, it’s about the community. It’s a wonderful group of people who support you and cheer you on to keep going. I feel empowered every time I walk through the door and finish a class....

    Jessica Mencunas

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  • Jessica Provenchers success story

    A Fun & Supportive Environment

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit. Great coaches, fantastic members. Motivating atmosphere that pushes me and makes me feel strong. Such a great workout!...

    Jessica Provencher

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