Who is this challenge for?

People who are just getting started working out, people who leave ego at the door. Start your fitness journey with other people at the same level as you, no initimidation just better fitness and better health!

How Do I Get Fit?

We hold you accountable to get you into the habit of working out!

You will come to our 5 star rated facility 3 days a week for 6 weeks during one of 2 optional class times, 6am or 5:30pm.

Where is this?

Workouts are located at the 5 star facility of No Risk CrossFit located at

300A George Washington Highway
Smithfield, RI 02917

Bootcamp Application

  • Bootcamp starts up April 1! You will receive a confirmation email once payment is completed. You will receive an email a few days prior with all information! Thanks and we will see you soon!
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Only $119 for the Complete Program! (Only $139 with In Body Scans)

Compare to Other Programs which are double this price!

6 Weeks

$139 Classes plus InBody Scans
$119 Classes Only
  • Complete 6 Week Program Perfected to Get YOU Results.
  • 18 Structured Workouts to Build Up your Fitness
  • 1 Restorative Yoga Class per week to enhance recovery and flexibility
  • Before and After In Body Scan to help Track your Progress (With Option)
  • Learn Correct Technique from our Expert Trainers
  • Energizing Group Environment will Keep you Motivated
  • Measure Progress and Build Confidence
  • 6 Week Nutrition Guide to Lose Bodyfat and Build Lean Muscle.
  • Easy Recipes, Grocery Lists, and Daily Plans 

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