Nutrition Challenge Starts Monday September 9! Last chance to sign up!

Our 2019 Fall Into Clean Eating Nutrition Challenge is a 6-week challenge for members and non-members to improve their overall health and assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals. The goals of the nutrition challenge are to improve diet, establish beneficial eating habits, educate on nutrition and to safely decrease fat mass while increasing lean mass. The challenge group is also a support system and an accountability tool for participants.

Just like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk, learning how to eat properly can be difficult and requires some degree of coaching. This challenge is based on “living” and balancing life with health and well being.  Over the past 15 years, I have tried a bunch of different “diets” (Vegetarian, Paleo, Zone, Paleo Zone, Carb Cycling, etc), trying to find one that promoted healthy fat loss while maintaining fitness performance and which balanced into life and some of lifes indulgences.  This challenge fits the box because of its basic principles, flexibility and template format which makes it simple to follow.  There are no food restrictions.

We will kick off the challenge with a seminar and you will get all needed information, including meal plans, meal prep container, in body scan, challenge guide, goal setting help, etc.  You will be asked to keep a food log — usually on My Fitness Pal or we have paper copies if needed — the entire challenge. Tracking food is one way to earn points.  Also this helps us help you as we can reference your logs.

Other factors of health and well being, daily exercise, mobility, mindfulness, and sleep will also be factored into points.

We will decide winners based on the greatest change in body composition, the most fat mass lost, and also the most lean mass (muscle) gained or maintained along with looking at points accrued.  You have the option of a 3 week check in In Body scan to monitor your progress.

The beauty of the challenge is that is is simple.  With this challenge we are trying our best to make it as easy for you to follow our nutrition process and advice. The goal is for the challenge to be flexible around you and not you needing to be flexible around the challenge.

You can still go out to restaurants in these 6 weeks, you can still have a beer or glass of wine or an ice cream sundae.  Actually, its living, and we encourage it. Just track it in your food log and plan to account for it. We will go over how at the seminar.  Following a meal plan to benefit your health and fitness should not be a burden as life continues after the challenge and we want you living life as well as doing things to benefit your health and well being!

So Sign Up Now and Let’s Fall In Love with Healthy Eating!

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