Mitigating Risk When We Re-Open! These are the steps we are taking!

Gyms will be among the first businesses to open up once we get the go ahead according to the Federal Guidelines.
Phase 1
“GYMS can open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols.”
Phase 2
“GYMS can remain open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols.”
Phase 3
“GYMS can remain open if they adhere to standard sanitation protocols.”
**please know and trust that we will be open and ready for business AS SOON as we get the OK from Governor Raimondo**
I am cautiously optimistic this will be in May. we have been working behind the scenes on our re-opening protocol.  Adherence to guidelines will allow us to stay open when we do re-open.
  • Once allowed to re-open, any equipment borrowed must be returned unless you will not immediately be returning to class.  These will be on a case by case basis, and we can set up an appointment to discuss.
  • All holds will be taken off accounts once we re-open and our normal business hold policy will be put back into place.
  • If you are feeling sick, or have a temp, please stay home.  If a coach thinks that you are not healthy and well, they will ask you to leave.
  • You must register for Class on Pike13.  If you do not register ahead of time, you will not be allowed to enter the building.  Classes will have a hard cap at whatever is directed by the Department of Health. If there is space available, you may join after.  Please make sure you are squared away with Pike13 enrollment
  • At first the only classes will be CrossFit Classes.  We will not run Burn classes for the time being.  Burn Members may be able to jump into a CrossFit class, we need to see the demand and class schedule first.
  • To help circulate air , the ceiling fans will be on, and at least one of the garage doors will be open.  Please dress appropriately
  • Start of class you will wait outside main door or in lobby appropriately spaced.
  • There will be no congregating at the cubbies before or after class
  • We will have a grid laid out in tape on the floor 8 feet x 8 feet which will be your work station for the class.  If we use the rig you will have a designated space.  There will be designated lanes for walking to and from the rig, or to outside to run or to get any equipment not at your station that you need.  If someone is in walking lane, you must wait for them to pass.
  • Programming will be focused on physical spacing and social distancing.  Each class will be 45 minutes long, with a 5-7 minute warm up, a 5 minute teaching section, a 15-20 minute strength, and a 10-20 conditioning piece.
  • There will be a disinfectant spray bottle and a mop at each station.  There will be 5 minutes for you to wipe down equipment and floor after each workout.
  • Bathroom use will be one person at a time.  We will not hold up class for you to use the bathroom due to the abbreviated nature of the class.  Save big business for at home if you can and leave the smaller business at the gym so we can keep things moving.
  • We will do our best to serve all who want to workout.  If we have to we will add classes.  Classes will be on the hour for the time being.  Class times will be announced when we open.
  • If you would like chalk to workout, please bring a plastic bag and we will give you some chalk.  You will be responsible for bringing your own chalk, so please bring this with you.  We will not be using chalk buckets for time being.
  • Classes will exit through the garage doors to regulate flow of people.  We will have people leave their station in waves to adhere to social distancing protocols.
  • Depending on class schedule, Open Gym will be by appointment only.
  • Protein, Fit Aid, Zevia, etc will be available, one person at a time at end of class allowed to go purchase.

These are the precautions we will be taking.  If the state requires any additional, we will add them, but for now wanted to give everyone a sense of where our heads were at, so the minute we get the green light we can open, and not worry.  We want to continue providing a great workout space, a clean and safe environment, and the best experience possible.

These for the time being will be the ‘new normal’. I don’t think any of this will jam us up or kill our flow. In fact, I think ultimately our experience will be enhanced.  We were one of the cleanest gyms in the area, we plan on being even better.
More details to follow.

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