Member Spotlight: Laura DeGrange Somers

We will be doing weekly Member Spotlights starting this week.  We have so many new members and so many members in general that we want everyone to get to know all of our members.  We have such a special community here and it is such a great place to be each and everyday.  Our first Member is Laura Degrange Somers.  Laura came to us back in November of 2019 and has been going hard here every since day 1.  She has invested in herself and has been such a great addition to everyone here.  You can find her at all ranges of classes from 6 am to 6:30 pm at night.  Not only does Laura work extremely hard, but is always good for a laugh or two during class.  Below are some fun facts about Laura. 


  1. What is your favorite food?


  1. Outside of Crossfit, what is your favorite hobby?

Going to Target by myself.

But if you need a real hobby I’d say genealogy.

  1. What brought you to No Risk?

My friend Chelsea, and a desire to find a community where I could focus on fitness and not only on weight loss. I’ve always been active and I’m really social—and I felt like it might be a perfect fit.

  1. Tell us about one aspect of crossfit where you thought it was one thing but turned out to be totally different?

I thought the population would be more cookie cutter—just super fit people who mostly drink protein shakes. But there’s a huge variety of people, all fitness levels and different walks of life. I’ve really enjoyed how supportive and diverse the community is here.

  1. What is your best advice for someone just starting crossfit?

Just do what you can do. One day at a time. Find people you enjoy working out with, and it won’t even feel like work.

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