Invest. Drive. Prosper. Our Core Values.

After listening to a podcast six months ago, that resonated deeply with me, I started to really look at the values of No Risk.  Many values came to mind. A recent podcast rekindled this discussion in my head, and the wheels were set into motion, and what No Risk means to me, and I hope to all of you.  

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals.  Here are our Core Values.

Invest: Many people think of investments only in the terms of financial gain. The work their whole lifes to get money set aside for retirement. They buy real estate as financial investments.  But they don’t take care of themselves. My father died of a heart attack 20 years ago, because all he did was work.  He did not invest in taking care of himself. He was a smoker, worked long hours, was constantly stressed, and it ended his life.  While he was always there for his kids, rarely did he take time for himself, his health, or his fitness. There was always an excuse.  Not only did he miss out on everything that has occured in his family’s life these past 20 years, his family lost out, not a day goes by where I don’t feel that.  

Health and Fitness is an investment in you.  It is an investment of your time, and it is an investment of your money. To eat healthy is not cheap, but neither are medications, and time out of work for being sick.  Like any investment, if you dedicate to investing to your health and well being, it is going to pay off. You will have a higher quality of life both today, as well as in the future.  I would rather spend an extra $100 cash and 5 hours a week on taking care of my health and well being, and get 5 years of extra life with a high quality on the back end, while not having to spend countless dollars on medications.

We also want you to invest not only in yourself, but in the community when you are here.  Our community is amazing. We are like-minded in nature in that we have made this investment in ourselves, have made health and fitness a priority. When you lean on other people, you become better than you ever believed possible. That is a huge part of the power of community. We encourage, support and push one another to be better than yesterday, we motivate and inspire each other and when there is a community, there is accountability to both the community and yourself.  It all comes from making the investment in yourself and in the community of No Risk. Once you make the investment into you, it leads us to our second core value.

Drive: Two years ago, I was at a Tony Robbins Experience, and there was a board of pins with many different words on them.  The idea was to pick the one which resonated most with you. Most people around me saw an opportunity to gather as many free pins as they could with all different positive character words.  I chose one. The word on it was Driven. It was the word which resonated with me the most about who I was.

If you walk into my office there are two pictures of me from 20+ years ago, when I was not healthy.  One morning I woke up and was driven not to be that obese anymore, and I went to work. Four years ago I was miserable and downtrodden (some of you may remember) from being in an unhealthy marriage and feeling trapped.  While the path wasn’t easy, I was driven to change who I was, and make my life better for both me and my kids.

Any SMART goal is attainable, whether it be in your health, fitness, personal goal, nutrition, getting off medication, losing weight, etc.  All it needs is for you to be driven. And if you share the goal with the community and they hold you accountable it is even easier to be driven.  If you make the investment, create goals for yourself, and drive towards your goals, then our last core value becomes possible.

Prosper:  Prosperity takes many shapes and forms.  If you make an investment, and you drive towards your goals, prosperity usually occurs. If this is directed towards your health and well being, than you will become a healthier and happier you.  The investment in your health and well being, will provide returns many fold of what you invest. This prosperity will not necessarily be financial, but your life will be prosperous. This prosperity will be found in the people you surround yourself with, the people who you find around you who you can depend on, the friendships you made from your investments.  You will prosper in the quality of your life, you will prosper in your health, your happiness, all of which may lead to financial prosperity because your medical bills are down, today and in the future. Everything becomes better when we are fit, healthy and well. Our goal here is to inspire and empower you so that you kick ass in your life outside the gym. To us this is what prosperity is!

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