Introducing Amy Krauss

We are excited to introduce Amy Krauss to the No Risk Community.  Amy has her Master’s Degree and is a registered dietician.  She will be taking over and spearheading all nutrition programs at No Risk, and we are excited to have her.  She is a registered dietitian with experience as a researcher, health coach, and counselor.  She has worked with clients ages 5-85, with varying health conditions and individual health aspirations. Her philosophy is to work with you to achieve tangible goals, and even beyond!  She is committed to empower you, so you can make healthy and sustainable changes.

Amy is available for one on one nutrition coaching and can work with you regardless if you have a medical condition.  We are in the process of working getting our ability to bill health insurance companies for her services, and will update you when we have more information regarding that!  Please welcome her to the No Risk Community, and if you would like to start working with Amy, let us know!

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