Danielle’s Story Part II

Danielle’s Story is an amazing accomplishment and we are so happy and proud of her.   One of the things about health and nutrition is that most people know what they should exercise, know what foods they should eat, and what foods they shouldn’t.  However making these changes and incorporating them to create a lifestyle is the hard part.  It takes lots of effort at first to create lifelong sustainable habits.  Trying to find the point where you can balancing life and health can be a challenge.  The struggle and investment into yourself is worth it in the long run, for health and happiness.

Danielle is a success story, but a year ago if you asked me, I was skeptical.  She had more excuses, and rationalized poor health decisions more than any client I had had to date.  Each week was a starting over process, and at times I honestly didn’t know if I had the skill set to overcome her brain.  However, I had faith in her, and I persevered.  Changing my approach, I took a slightly harder line, balanced tough love, with encouragement and positive reinforcement, and she overcame herself and had an epiphany and I am so excited for her.  Watching any client drop body fat percentage is fantastic, as it improves markers of health, and we want to see people make lifelong sustainable changes, it is some of the other changes in clients lives, which are not measured by a quantitative measurement which are even more amazing to see.  Watching someone smile, and be carefree.  Seeing them start to love themselves again, and feel confident in their own skin, no matter the situation.  Observing them grow, as a person, challenging themselves in new ways and trying new things they didn’t think possible in their old body.  These are the markers of success.

Yes, all the biometrics show that Danielle changed her body from an unhealthy one, to a healthier one.  She dropped over 40 lbs of weight, and dozens of inches, but she gained something even more important than the lean muscle mass and strength.  She gained an infectious smile that lights up the room when she enters, and to see that is priceless.

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