Tyler Gargano

Tyler Gargano


  • Parisi Speed School Sports Performance Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1


  • Bryant University BS 2019
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Full time Law Student


I took my first CrossFit Class ever here at No Risk in the fall of 2017, I instantly discovered a passion for the sport of fitness. After years of being a competitive athlete and beginning a Military Career, CrossFit helped fill the gap of physical challenge that I had been missing since high school sports. CrossFit has supplied me with tremendous confidence and has provided me with something to be passionate about. Aside from the mental and physical toughness that CrossFit has gifted to me, it has supplied me with a family of members like no others!

Coaching is something I truly enjoy. My desire to help our members move better and achieve a better lifestyle. I look at my job as a coach as being a catalyst to life enhancement of our members. Providing our members with an hour a day in which they get to strengthen themselves mentally, physically and emotionally is the best part of my day. I love pushing members past what they believe our their limits.No Risk is my favorite place to be. Knowing I would do anything for the No Risk family and community, I had the opportunity to become part owner and jumped at the chance.  I come from a huge family, family is everything to me. I value creating relationships and developing others, and this gym provided me with that opportunity for which I will ever be grateful!


Favorite CrossFit movement: Toes to Bar Least Favorite CF moment: Thrusters in any way shape or form Favorite Cheat Food: Double stuffed French toast with Nutella and Peanut Butter

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