Ben Gabriel


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Becker College

Ben Gabriel



I found CrossFit in 2009 while I was playing high school soccer. I started accumulating equipment and working out in my mother’s garage. I noticed a big improvement on the field because I was in the best shape of my life. Not only did it get me in better shape, it improved my self-esteem and gave me confidence that I didn’t have before. CrossFit became my outlet to stay active once my athletic career ended. Through CrossFit I found Olympic weightlifting, and this quickly became my favorite part of CrossFit. During college, after a few years of working out in the garage and dealing with the cold winters, I decided to join a local affiliate. In April 2015 I signed up for my Level 1 and began coaching soon after.


As a coach my goal is to help as many people improve their health and fitness as possible. I want to show people the power of CrossFit and how it can help you live a long and healthy life. In addition to coaching CrossFit, I enjoy helping people improve in the sport of weightlifting. I have coached and competed in several local weightlifting meets over the past few years. I believe that weightlifting is an art and that nothing beats the feeling of a well-executed lift! I have worked with clients of all ages to achieve their individual fitness goals.


Outside of the gym I enjoy spending time with my family, taking my dog Kilo hiking, and talking sports. My favorite teams are the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Manchester United.



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
  • CPR/AED Certified

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