Can Anyone Do CrossFit?

This is an interesting question which has been posed time and again, as well as I am sure asked by many who visit our website, or Facebook page.  We hear time and time again, I need to get in shape first before I do CrossFit. What really does that mean, and does it ever happen?

The true answer to this question is, it depends.  Not all CrossFit boxes are the same.  Not all CrossFit, or even group exercise gyms, take a proper approach to on boarding new clients, assessing where they are starting from, not only in terms of fitness, but in terms of movement, and setting them up on a path to be successful within a program.  I cannot speak for every gym, and what they do right or what they do wrong, I only know the experience you get at No Risk, and it is one in which if you have the will to walk in the door and do YOUR own personal best, we have the way to get you in shape, get you on track for losing weight, and get you on track to become the best version of yourself starting as quickly as today!

We have listened from our clients and we have learned about their needs, and our program has been molded and shaped, and is constantly being revisited to be the best possible product it can be to help you lose weight, get stronger, and feel amazing.  When you step foot in our door, before we throw you in class, we want to ensure you have the best experience possible.  This is why we guide you through the first five hours of your time with us with one on one sessions.  These sessions teach you movements, and how to move.  They also assess you on your overall fitness in 15 categories.  We, and you, need to know your starting point, so we have something to compare it to as you move forward with your lifestyle changes.  We also assess your body metrics in six categories, as well as help customize a nutrition plan to compliment the work in the gym, to maximize your progress.

This assessment process gives us information needed to tailor the workout of the day, each and every day, to you and your starting point.  This is important, as with this, we will have you always working within your abilities.  It is as easy as looking for a primary color as well!  This will allow you to progress rapidly, avoid injury, and fall in love with CrossFit.  Our system allows you to  do all of this in a group setting of individuals of all levels varying levels.  Any questions, the coach is always there to guide you and ensure you are moving as best as you can.  No one gets left behind at No Risk.

So, the question is, Can Anyone Do CrossFit at No Risk CrossFit?  The answer is YES!

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