I am going to steal something from The Daily Stoic.  This was in my email last week, and it seems fitting as we celebrate July 4, Independence Day this week. “Perhaps you’ve seen this little phrase floating around the internet these days: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!” What preposterous nonsense. Enough to […]

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Proper and adequate recovery from training is a necessity for any athlete, however, it is even more imperative the older one gets.  While young muscle and old muscle behave the same to training stimuli, the requirements for a more mature in body athlete increases. To ensure muscle protein synthesis, young muscle requires .24 g/kg bw […]

In February 2015, I was asked to write an article for RI Health and Fitness Magazine about my Top 5 Supplement Recommendations. (Page 41) for optimizing health.   Three years later, these 5 still hold true!  While these five are great for health, there are others which show benefit with enhancing performance.  If you are looking […]