Hey there motivated individual! I have a new challenge for you. Guess what? It’s harder than any whole-food-eating, gallon-of-water-drinking, couch-to-5k challenge you’ve ever tried. Not only that, but if you complete it successfully I promise you’ll never want to stop. That’s why I’m challenging you to 1 month of restful nights sleep! So why is […]

“I’ve been thinking about taking up a meditation practice.” “I really need to drink more water…” “I feel so good when I exercise, I want to go to the gym more often, but can’t find the time!” If you’re like most people you probably have considered starting a new daily routine to optimize one or […]

Position of the international society of sports nutrition (ISSN) “After reviewing the scientific and medical literature in this area, the International Society of Sports Nutrition concludes the following in terms of creatine supplementation as the official Position of the Society: Creatine monohydrate is the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes with the […]

For many years, people thought the best way to deal with mental health problems was to simply sweep them under the rug. Many seniors hold onto this mindset, even though not addressing mental health issues can have serious consequences. Not treating mental illness worsens the existing problem, causes chronic physical health problems, aches, and pains, […]