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5 Weeks | 5 Goals | 5 SolutionsStart Jan 14, 2019 The best way to start your 2019!  For Members and Past Members and their friends and family! Join the challenge that has will help you lose overall weight, lose Body Fat Mass and Gain muscleCHALLENGE INCLUDES: ❄️ 5 week challenge ❄️ Partner Challenge ❄️ Recipes❄️ Non-judgmental and encouraging❄️ Weekly winners❄️ Overall […]

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What is “Bright Spots Friday”? and Why? Motivation means desire. The science of motivation is the science of success. Most of my studying these days are surrounding leadership and motivation more than exercise technique.  There is only so much tangible information surrounding exercises, their execution, and their selection.  However, your desire to come to No […]