Our Mission


We are Northern RI’s Premier Strength and Conditioning Facility which blends traditional strength and conditioning with CrossFit methodology together to help you Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better.

We understand that there are many variables which go into implementing an effective exercise prescription for every individual. We have taken the guesswork and indecision out of your hands by designing a proven exercise program for you based on your ability levels.

Our programs will burn fat, build muscle, enhance your strength, and improve your movement, helping you attain a healthy athletic looking body in a lifelong sustainable way

We have a variety of plans designed to fit your schedule and your ability to attend.  For those budget conscious our plans are competitively priced and are the best value in all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts. 

What will you gain with No Risk?

Become a stronger and leaner you!

Life is easier, the stronger you are. Whether it is carrying groceries into the house, walking five miles, or your favorite athletic endeavor, the basis is in strength. More and more studies show there is a correlation to lean muscle mass, and lower body strength and longevity. You will find an emphasis on the essential functional strength moves. You will Pull Things, Push Things, Squat Things, Carry Things and Use Your Hips!  The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn, so your strength gains will help you look leaner, and feel better!

Become Reacquainted with your body!

As a child, we performed many gymnastics movements as second nature, but as we have aged, we have lost some of these abilities. Gymnastic movements allow you to feel and understand how your body moves through space, You will find yourself gaining the ability to move your body in multiple planes of space

Become Powerful!

Olympic lifting is not for everyone, and we understand that, however, force generation and power through the engagement of your hips and core is something necessary no matter what stage of life you are in. The ability to use your whole body in a coordinated fashion is something that if you don’t do, your body loses. Everyone will do movements which are important to help you develop power! The more progressed you become in our program you may find yourself performing Olympic Style Weightlifting Movements or variations of them. Proper Mobility and technique is essential and we will make sure you are at a stage in your training and life where the incorporation of these lifts will advance you in meeting your life and fitness goals.

Gain Better Posture, Stability, Mobility and Flexibility!

Posture speaks 1,000 words.  Learning proper body position regardless of what activity you are partaking in, is something we will stress.  Some joints are meant to remain stable, others are meant to be mobile. Many injuries occur due to lack of stability, mobility and/or flexibility.  We will help you achieve a healthier you by increasing your stability, as well as increasing the range of motion for all of your major mobile joints. You will feel yourself moving better!

Something Different in Every Class. You will find we take a varied but not random training approach.Doing the same thing week in and week out can become boring to the mind., AND the body! The body adapts to the same consistent stimulation. To prevent adaptation from occurring, we will use different techniques and movements and repetitions to keep your mind and your body stimulated!

Focus on Movement Correction  Many of us have muscle imbalances and improper movement patterns.  Everyday, we start the workout off with exercises which will help improve muscle coordination, correct left and right sided imbalances as well as begin to reconstruct proper movement patterns so that you begin to move more efficiently.

The first rule of any training program should be DO NO HARM!  Our program is designed to minimize risk, keep you safe, healthy and progressing, for the days, weeks and years to come.  Many CrossFits like to plan their program solely on the elite athlete, or workouts designed for an elite athlete without any consideration of the individuals mobility, training history, or any other variables which dictate someones progress.  Many programs brag about Elite fitness, even CrossFit.com makes this disclaimer, however, basing a program on the elite and scaling from there for the rest is not an effective exercise prescription for the majority.

Each individual’s progress means something to us. We have designed programs for multiple levels after we assess your mobility, your training history, and understand the variables in your life.  Do we have a program for the area’s elite, or competitive CrossFitter or Athlete? Yes. However, we also have a program that is going to bring out the best in you.

Group classes not for you? Want individualized coaching?

If you think our group classes may not be for you but would like to train with us, we will happily arrange with you a dedicated and individualized exercise program just for you!

Email us at Info [at] noriskcrossfit [dot] com