our staff

Judah Boulet- Head Coach/Owner

Certifications: Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF Level 1, 2, and 3), NSCA-CSCS, USAW Sports Performance Coach, C-ISSN, PNL1, FMS, CPR/AED, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, 
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis: Since July 2008. 2010 and 2011 Regionals Team Competitor. Since then nothing but average
Full Time Occupation: Science Teacher
Favorite Movement: Deadlifts and Squats
Least Favorite Movement: Running, Burpees, Box Jumps
Favorite Cheat Food: Ice Cream
Something Special About You: I always cry when watching the movie Rudy
Why do you like coaching: The relationships you build and seeing people under your tutelage make progress towards their goals is highly rewarding

James Coggins

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis: I started Crossfit 3 years ago after my wife and I were married the previous spring. I was always active in sports and growing up played hockey and did mostly weightlifting in college. I found No Risk Crossfit after not working out for over 2 years.  I can honestly say after day one I never looked back and couldn’t have made a better decision.
Full Time Occupation: Sales
Favorite Movement: Snatch
Least Favorite Movement: Box Jumps
Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza and I mean a whole pizza
Something Special About You: I am color blind and cannot match outfits to save my life.
Why you like coaching: I coach to serve others and the members of our gym.  I love to see others achieve results they did not know were possible everyday not only inside the gym but even more so in other aspects of their lives.  To be a part of that is humbling.

Bobby DeCarlo- General Manager/Coach

Certifications: BS Physical Education/Health, Crossfit L1,AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR,First Aid, AED
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis: Powerlifting 1998-2002, General Fitness forever, Crossfit since 2011
Full Time Occupation: Partner/GM/Coach No Risk Crossfit
Favorite Movement: 
Squat,Deadlift, BenchPress
Least Favorite Movement:
Favorite Cheat Food:
Cheese Cake
Something Special About You: 
Anything in the summer. Beach, Sun . Especially fishing for stripers off of Block Island. I’m also a cleaning fanatic !!
Why you like coaching:
After 20 years as a law enforcement officer, I retired and came back to my passion for health and fitness.



David Estrada

Certifications: CF L1, ACE CPT, ASCA Level 3
American Red Cross Advanced Rescuer, CPR/First Aid/AED
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis: started doing CrossFit j briefly in 2008 after being introduced to it by a friend in the military. His first workout was the bench mark “Jackie” and was done with strict pull ups. A few years later after my competitive swimming career ended at Old Dominion University, my CrossFit journey resumed after reading an article about Brian McKenzie andCrossFit j endurance. Since this I have not looked back. Coaching runs deep as I spend my free time coaching regional and national level swimmer for a club team in Massachusetts.

Full Time Occupation: 
Favorite Movement:
Overhead Squats, Snatch
Least Favorite Movement: 
deadlift, box jump, cardio
Favorite Cheat Food:
All of Them
Something Special About You: 
I can wiggle my ears

Why do you like coaching:I love coaching because I love seeing the fleeting moments of when the hours, days, and moths of work and dedication come together and an athlete makes PRs. 

Virginia Marsh

Certifications: CrossFit Level I
Olympic Lifting
CPR/AED 2016
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis:I started doing CrossFit in 2009 at Crossfit Providence after spending 4 years becoming certified as a Kickboxing instructor and also an Amateur Kickboxing fighter.Right from the start, I really enjoyed the camaraderie and vibe of Crossfit as well as as the focus on sleep and nutrition which was something I had never really considered before.I was sidelined for a while with some physical issues, but was able to rehab out of them with a great weightlifting and conditioning coach.I’ve always enjoyed teaching and I look forward to bringing my can domentality as a Crossfit Coach.
Full Time Occupation:Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Coach

Favorite Movement: Clean and Deadift
Least Favorite Movement: Snatch and OverHead Squats
Favorite Cheat Food: Chocolate
Something Special About You:I’m originally from Puerto Rico and am bilingual English/Spanish.
Why you like coaching: It’s an honor to coach athletes and get them to push past their mental barriers

Carla Joyce

Certifications: CrossFit Level I 
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis: I started doing CrossFit 3 years ago after a brush with death due to runway lawnmower.  I did not have the strength or endurance to stop it or run away from it and it followed me around my yard until finally I barely escaped its blades of death by locking myself in the shed.  Three days later when I emerged, I swore I would never let that happen to me again. The rest is history.
Full Time Occupation: Middle School English Teacher
Favorite Movement: Overhead Squat Burpees
Least Favorite Movement: Sweating
Favorite Cheat Food: Pickles and Whipped Cream Together
Something Special About You: I am a closet Bette Midler fan.  Her song Wing beneath my Wings inspires me to be someones wing beneath their wings.
Why you like coaching: Because when you teach or coach, your supposed to have RBF, no?

Missy Greene

Certifications: CrossFit Level I -started 2009
Crossfit Kids, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CPR/AED 2016
Years doing CrossFit and a brief synopsis:My kids & I started doing CrossFit in 2008, and fell in love with it! I obtained my Level I certification in October of 2009 and have been coaching ever since! CrossFit kids just made sense, because my youngest daughter Emma, now 12, always wanted to WOD with Mom- now she has been CrossFitting for over half of her life. I also run CF after school programs for PASA, the  Providence After School Alliance, which got rave reviews by the State of RI in 2012-13-14-15.
With PASA, I work with teens from all over the city teaching them about nutrition, teamwork and best of all-CrossFit! I have worked in various gyms around Southern California, Rhode Island and Massachusetts since the late 80’s.
Full Time Occupation: Holistic Health & Wellness Coach local farm meat advocate and delivery person.
I am also a supplements/natural remedies & skin care adviser as well.
Favorite Movement: Overhead squats
Least Favorite Movement: 
Favorite Cheat Food: Anything from Antonio’s Bakery
Something Special About You: My favorite thing to say when Coaching is “It’s all for the greater good “
Why you like coaching: