Investing in your future

For most of us, each paycheck a certain portion of our pay, is taken out and set aside in a retirement account.  Little by little this money accumulates over time, to provide an income for when you hit a certain age, and decide to call it quits and live a life of leisure.  Some of us work jobs where we are afforded a pension when we hit the specified number of years before we can call it quits and live that life of leisure. Really, when that is, is somewhat out of our control, based on economy and if it is financially viable to retire, and legislature, if they’ve added years until you can collect. Regardless, financially, we want to make sure we have some nest egg set aside for us when we no longer want to work.

The key here is no longer want to work, and not no longer able to work.  Also, another important fact is that when we decide we no longer want to work, the quality of our life is one of vibrancy, so that we can enjoy life to its fullest.  What this means is we need to start investing in ourselves and our health today, like we do with our financial savings.

Physical fitness is the fountain of youth.  By maintaining good health and well being, through solid nutrition, wellness and exercise practices when you are younger, store up physiological currency in your body, which you can cash in later in life. Antique cars are an amazement to look at.  Something manufactured many years ago, up and running, like it was brand new so many years later, is a testament to the quality of the manufacturing, however, the upkeep is what has made these cars so cherished. Oil changes regularly to keep the engine fresh, oiling the leather on the seats, regularly scheduled maintenance. Without the effort in the cars early years, would not leave these cars in prime condition in their antique-hood.

So do you want to be a classic car, or scrap for the junkyard?  If you haven’t already started planning for your later years in life with maintenance today, who do you think your quality of life will be then?  In terms of physical fitness, just like with a retirement plan, it’s never to late, and you can start today. Putting off your health and well being now because of whatever excuse you want to use to convince yourself, is a potential loss of quality of life, years of medications and doctors visits, etc  that all may have been prevented by eating better, and moving more.

The focus of our exercise program is making you fitter individuals, but what does that mean really?  Yes, we make you stronger, cardiovascularly able to do more today, but, physiologically, we are improving all the markers for health, and reducing your biological age. Lower resting heart rates, blood pressure, better lipid profiles, less stress, improved cognitive function, etc.  The list of benefits of exercise is endless. Exercise with a focus on movement quality, means you move better. If you move better today, you will move better 20, 30 even 40 years from now if you keep movement as an important component of your life.

Along with exercise, proper nutrition, is imperative to good health and well being when you are younger, but it also is imperative today to your health when you are older. If you put low quality fuel in a high performance vehicle, it will not run like it is high performance.  Eating a non-processed foods diet rich in meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, with some fruit, and starch moderated around exercise, and removing as much added sugar, is a perfect compliment to exercise and a diet for longevity of quality of life. With exercise and nutrition comes the need for making time for optimal sleep.  The list for complications for low sleep quantity and quality is also endless. Trying to get 7-8 hours a night, is a health imperative for today and tomorrow.

So as we approach the new year, use this time to reexamine your future, and if you are not doing what you need to do today to invest in your future self and future health, make the decision to start.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to have the highest quality of life to coincide with the money you plan to use in your retirement plan when you decide to call it quits.

You have one body.  Maintain it as optimally as you can, so that you can be the shining star of the antique show later in life!