Tammy’s Story

Invest. Drive. Prosper.

Our core values which we personally strive to exemplify as a business, and in our personal lives, just as much as we want our members to strive to exemplify in their lives.

When we look at what we do, and we look at what CrossFit can do, it is about inspiring and empowering people to kick butt in life outside the gym and in their lives.  There is no greater reward than watching our members grow not only in their physical capabilities but in their capacities outside the gym.

For the past year, I have worked with Tammy on a daily basis using a platform designed by Precision Nutrition.  I have read many private and personal, heartfelt and deeply thought out answers to questions, and in this time, I have watched her overcome the demons inside herself.  These demons toward food and body image are deep rooted, and I am sure MANY people can relate to these in some way or the other.  To get the full grasp, I invite you to read her story written in 2010.  

Today, Tammy exemplifies the core values of Invest. Drive. Prosper.  She made an investment in herself, and her health.  She was driven. Honestly I have never met someone so committed to excellence and improving herself.  At times she was so driven, I had to reel her back in! And now, she is prospering, Mentally, and Physically.  If you have ever experienced a body image disorder/eating disorder, you can empathize how difficult they are to overcome, and Tammy did just that.  She reversed the curse of her demons.

I am excited to share her story!

Food is your Ally

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


“Honey, I’d like to check out a gym on our way home today, is that ok with you?”  This is the question I asked my husband while sitting on the beach on a hot Friday afternoon.  The date was July 1, 2016. The day my life changed!

When I was 13 years old, I made the school’s cheerleading squad.  My older brother said one sentence to me that started a massive chain of events in my life.  He said, “You made the cheering squad… Your fat.”  

From that moment on, I saw myself differently.  I saw myself as fat, ugly, and unworthy. I needed to make changes to fix this.  So, I did what I thought was the right thing to do. I started to starve myself.  

As the years went on, I took this to the next level.  I started purging my food and taking diet pills as well as laxatives, I was getting thinner and thinner as expected.  What I didn’t expect was I was also losing my hair. Not only did my hip bones stick out, you could also count my ribs and my vertebra.  I had no energy or desire to do anything but sleep. When I looked in the mirror, I self-loathed. I did not feel beautiful or worthy of anything.     

With the help from my Dr and the love and support of my family and friends, I was able to get my eating disorder behaviors under control.  However, an eating disorder goes deeper than just what you do to yourself… it rooted in your mind. There have been many times where someone has said a statement about my weight where it has triggered a relapse.  The vicious cycle started all over again. I have lived with this demon for so many years.

Walking into NoRisk on July 6th, 2016 for my first intro class was so exciting!  I was so gung-ho on that I did not care that it was 95 degrees outside. I put everything I had into it the warm-up.  15 minutes in, I felt lightheaded, I started seeing black spots in my eyes and felt like I was going to pass out. I had to take the knee.  And just like that, I was done. No one thought that I would return. However, I was determined! I wanted to do this! So, I came back and have continued to return to this day.

As my CrossFit journey progressed, so did my desire to build muscle mass and become healthier.  I started inquiring about nutrition. On January 1, 2018 I started the Whole Life Challenge. This was my first step in my nutritional journey. This was a 3-month challenge that was fun to do but didn’t provide me with any guidance or education of how to maintain a healthy body.  It just had a list of approved foods to eat and what foods to avoid.  

A few months later, Judah, owner of No Risk CrossFit was offering members to be part of a personalized nutritional program called Precision Nutrition.  Knowing my past obsessions and demons, I didn’t think this would be a good thing for me. A full year is a big commitment and I was afraid of something triggering my demons.  After speaking with Judah and sharing my story, Judah explained to me that this program has a daily nutrition curriculum as well as one on one coaching where Judah would be watching my progress and on the lookout for any red flags. This program also educates you on every aspect of nutrition, setting goals, fitness, and lifestyle.   With Judah’s commitment to me, we both decided it would be a perfect program for me. My objective for program… NOT to lose weight, but to be healthy, lean, strong, and to gain the education I needed on nutrition to maintain and sustain.

Over the past year, I’ve learned and noticed the following….

  • Proper Nutrition is not a diet… It’s a lifestyle.  One that takes a commitment. When I signed up I promised myself to give this my all.  Every weekend, I plan my meals for the week, shop for the ingredients, cook, and make healthy meals with proper portions in my meal prep containers.
  • When going out to eat, and I do that a lot, it’s ok to ask for healthy alternatives like a side salad instead of fries.  You can even ask how the food is prepared and request changes. 
  • I’ve learned that if you want to perform than you must feed your body what it needs to perform.  If you want to lift more weights, then your muscles need protein to be healthy and strong.
  • I used to weigh myself at a minimum 2-3x a day.  One of the hardest things I had to do in the very beginning was to get rid of the scale.  Weighing yourself every day would have been counterproductive. Now, I weigh myself only once a month.
  • It’s a known fact…  muscle mass is heavier than fat mass.  In the past, if I saw the number on the scale go up, it would awaken the demon in my head saying that I need to get the number back down.  The first time I saw my weight go up because my muscle mass went up and my fat mass went down… I celebrated!
  • Vitamins, Powders and Supplements have a place in the world of Nutrition…. To “Supplement” and NOT as a “Replacement” There are many brands and types of Powders and Supplements in the market.  You need to understand how to read the labels to ensure you are purchasing the right product.
  • I’ve learned that the key to having a flat stomach is NOT starving yourself because that makes your body recess/concave as well as collapse… you need nutrition for muscle growth and to fill out.
  • You don’t get ab definition with sit ups… you get them from proper nutrition.  And if your feeding for performance, and your performing, they will naturally show themselves.
  • One of the signs that my family and friends saw when I had a relapse was my hair falling out.  With proper nutrition, your hair becomes fuller and thicker.
  • I’ve compared my blood work from 2018 to the one I just completed in April and within the year, with proper nutrition, my blood work has improved dramatically.  For the first time, my blood work is perfect!

I’ve come to the realization that schools should be teaching more on proper nutrition and body awareness with self-reflections in their health classes than they did… could have saved me from creating the demon.   

This program, the education, the coaching, the support from friends and family, and the commitment I made to myself has provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to destroy the years of mental programming with the misconceptions about dieting and starving myself. 

Here I am today…  I love looking in the mirror! I love my body!  I love myself! I am healthy. I am strong. I am lean. I am energetic. I am happy.  I am balanced.    

The Demon is Dead!

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  1. You are and always have been, simply amazing. For anyone who doesn’t know you, I will tell them that nothing can stop you once you’ve put your mind to something. I have watched you succeed in so many areas of your life that this is something I know that you will continue. I could not be more happy or proud of who you are working so hard to be. Just know that no matter where you are on your journey, you are always enough and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, we will “teach” them otherwise. 😉

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